Risk Officer

Job description

As Risk officer you are responsible for the following:

Risk Policy

Implement the risk policy (manual) after approval by the Board, based on the corporate strategy in order to comply fully with all laws, regulations, internal policies and procedures.

Main activities:

  • Determine the various risks for the specific areas of business.
  • Implement an overall risk management process framework for the organization

Risk Assessment

Assisting in risk assessments and audits of the risk policies, including liaising with internal auditors, in order to ensure that the specific objectives are realized qualitatively and quantitatively.

Main activities:

  • Assisting in risk assessment as well as identify, describe and estimate the quantitative and qualitative risks affecting the business.
  • Conduct audits of policy and compliance to the risk standards, including liaison with internal and external auditors.
  • At operational and tactical level, contribute to the mapping process in order to understand business processes and linkage to areas of risk.

Risk evaluation

Contribute to risk evaluations which involves compare estimated risks with risk criteria established by the organization such as costs, legal requirements and environmental factors.

Main activities:

  • Contribute in risk evaluations.
  • Monitor, control and evaluate the introduction and success of a range of control measure


Monitor and review processes, in accordance to establish processes and compliance regulations, to ensure risks and compliance arrangements are in place.

Main activity:

  • Monitor and review processes.
  • Carrying out processes to limit risks and prepare for it if things go wrong.

Education & training

Provide support, education and training to staff, commonly at operational and tactical level.

Main activity:

  • Provide support, education and training to staff, commonly at operational and tactical level to build risk awareness within the organization.


Contributing to projects, taking into account the framework of the projects in order to make substantive contribution to the objective of the projects.

Main activity:

  • Ensure support to projects.
  • Participate in projects, (sub) projects or working groups within the organization.


Risk report in an appropriate way for different audiences, for example to the board of directors, so they understand the most significant risks, to business heads to ensure they are aware of risks relevant to their parts of the business and to individuals to understand their accountability for individual risks.

Main activities:

  • Prepare and organize appropriate risk reports internally and externally.
  • Corporate governance involving external risk reporting to stakeholders.

Job requirements

  • Minimal Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.
  • At least 2-4 years experience in Research or Risks activities (Risk Officer) or relevant Corporate experience
  • Oral and verbal command of the languages English, Dutch and Papiamentu.
  • The ability to work under pressure regarding projects.
  • Keep up with developments in the Risk area is required.


Nadya Amazzal

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