Senior Risk Officer

Job Description

The Senior Risk Officer is member of the Risk Management & Internal Audit unit.

The mission statement of this unit is:
“Support in the effective achievement of the company's strategic goals and objectives. Through review of the group’s processes for planning and objective setting risk management, internal control, and governance. RM&IA professionals will give constructive input toward improved processes and operations".

This input is:

  • Based on a robust risk management cycle and assurance activity;
  • Objective, independent and transparent in nature and;
  • Provides insight to senior management and governance bodies.

As a senior risk officer, having affinity with the following services very important:

  • Governance Oversight, Support & Advice;
  • Risk Identification, Risk Mitigation, Monitoring & Reevaluation;
  • Risk-based Compliance Verification, Monitoring & Confirmation;
  • Risk-based Audit, Verification, Evaluation, Reporting & Advice.

In this role you will be responsible to set goals and priorities regarding company risks, offer structures, ensure timely availability of the right resources, decisively solve issues and aim to an effective execution of the risk management and compliance processes within the organization. You must be able to evaluate critical business and regulatory risks and controls and monitor mitigation actions in a structured manner and monitor the business continuity and the achievement of corporate objectives.

Job Requirements

  • Master degree in (Business) Economics, Business Management, Business Engineering or equivalent with an emphasis in Finance or Quantitative Analysis
  • A certification in energy risk management (Energy Risk Professional or equivalent) is a pre
  • (Enterprise) risk management concepts and risk and control tools and techniques;
  • COSO internal control and ERM framework;
  • Compliance principles, framework and processes;
  • Corporate Governance regulations and Codes, knowledge of the Curaçao Corporate Governance Code is a pre;
  • Solid understanding of physical and financial energy markets and products;
  • Knowledge in finance (e.g. investment and portfolio theory and financial derivatives including options and swaps) and risk management (i.e. hedging strategies);
  • Understanding of price formation in Energy markets;
  • Fundamental ethical principles;
  • Business process analysis;
  • Experience in developing risk measures with various methodologies and analytical and statistical applications using Excel and/or VBA is preferred;
  • All company primary, governance and supporting processes;
  • Fluent command of Dutch, English and Papiamentu verbally and in writing. Spanish is a pre;
  • High level of proficiency in MS Office suite: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Personality Profile:

  • An expert with strong analytical skills, applying logic, realism and caution when dealing with complex subjects;
  • Highly motivated individual who works well in a fast paced and time-sensitive environment;
  • Multi-tasking – ability to manage multiple tasks, projects, contacts, databases, and systems;
  • An influencer, who is able to influence others in a diplomatic yet persuasive manner in order to gain acceptance and overcome resistance to preventing losses and create a risk culture. Ability to project confidence and professionalism in all dealings with business personnel;
  • A proactive and flexible nature accompanied with an independent and critical mindset;
  • When applicable, able to take pragmatic decisions;
  • A diligent team player and able to build teams;
  • A lifelong learner who keeps abreast on technical risk & compliance areas;
  • A leader that has task and people management well balanced, who loves to build connections, expand people’s capabilities and create focus with a healthy dose of self knowledge;
  • Commitment to lead by example in the company core values.


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