Service Supervisor

Job description

The Service Supervisor is responsible for the management of Service Technicians, and ensuring all matters relating to technical services are achieved in accordance with manufacture´s requirements, time, safe and within the budget.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Manage the entire service process from when a customer request is accepted until the service is complete and invoiced.
  • Create the daily service scheduling based on customers requirements, technician’s availability, and technician´s capabilities.
  • Work with the commercial department in the preparation of service quotes.
  • Make sure the services are done following the manufacturer´s standards and within budget.
  • Execute the requirements of the Internal and External customer (construction equipment, and power generation for mechanical, electrical, hydraulic components, among others) to ensure the provision of a quality service according to established standards.
  • Evaluate, diagnose, repair and test the construction and power generation equipment to ensure its proper operation following the manufacturer´s manuals.
  • Support the establishment of a technical career development plan for technicians attached to the service department.
  • Detect and report unsafe conditions in the work environment to prevent incidents and / or accidents.
  • Make technical deliveries of equipment to customers with emphasis on maintenance and handling that must be taken during the operation of the equipment to ensure that no damage or misuse of it is generated.
  • Operate service vehicles under company standards and regulation.
  • The other functions established in accordance with the procedure: Functions and Responsibilities in HSEQ.
  • Actively participates in all the activities required in the implementation and maintenance of the HSEQ Management System.

Job Requirements

  • Professional in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial Engineering or related (Bachelor's) degrees.
  • 4 - 5 years of experience in related positions.
  • Intermediate English level.
  • Technical knowledge in internal combustion engines, hydraulic and electrical systems.
  • Strong knowledge of Diesel engines and gasoline.
  • Strong knowledge of electricity principles.
  • Strong knowledge of machinery hydraulics.
  • Strong knowledge in reading electrical and hydraulic drawings.
  • Desired competencies: Integrity, safety, innovative, Teamwork, humility and respect.






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